Peter Griffin killed Seth MacFarlane’s Flintstones reboot

Peter Griffin killed Seth MacFarlane’s Flintstones reboot

Way back in 2011, it was announced that Family Guy and American Dad! creator Seth MacFarlane was set to reboot the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon series The Flintstones.

The original plan was for the rebooted series to air on Fox in 2013, although that never materialised as MacFarlane shifted his attention to his live-action feature film Ted, and reports then emerged stating that Fox had put the project on the back-burner as executives did not think that Fred and friends would have enough appeal with adult audiences.

Well, speaking on a Reddit AMA to promote his new series The Orville, MacFarlane has now confirmed that The Flintstones is unlikely to ever move forward, stating that: “Honestly I couldn’t figure out a way to find enough differentiation between a modern-day Fred Flintstone and… Peter Griffin.”

Are you disappointed that we didn’t get to see MacFarlane’s take on The Flintstones, or are you glad it’s been put to bed(rock)? Let us know in the comments below…

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